3 years ago on 23 August 2011 @ 6:15am + 1 note
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so i have this friend.. we're like really close. we tell eachother basically everything! a couple days ago she tried killing herself. this isn't the first time she's tried. she told me that she hates her life and is tired of people calling her a hoe because she likes one guy. everyone talks about her and call her horrible names. now she just stays home, in bed, crying. the day she tried killing her self i went to her house to check up on her .. but the thing is her mom doesn't know she tried doing this .. and the main reason she tried to is because her mom punched her in the face. i honestly would think my mom didn't love me at all if she were to punch me in the face! & the worst part is her mom took her off her cheer team because they got into an argument! look, the point is i don't know what to do. she just ignores my texts and calls! I'm so worried. i would go to her house everyday but i have a babysitting job and i get home really late. i just don't know what to do to help her feel better. any suggestions?

Let her know that not everyone hates her! Show her the good things in life and make her 100% sure that you’ve got her back no matter what! Tell her that they’re not worth it and just show her all the amazing things that life can offer, if she’s feeling like that then you’ve got to act on it and tell her dad? or a different parent/guardian. Not her mum though, maybe tell your parents xxxxxxxxxx